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The Marrs Twp Water/Dive Rescue Team was organized in 1995 after an incident in the town of Mount Vernon in which a 10 year old boy had drowned. After that incident a group of Firefighters from Marrs Township and Black Township Fire and Rescue Departments decided to put together a Water/Dave Rescue Team to service the surrounding areas.

Both departments developed their own respective teams shortly after that time, after assessing the individual needs of their areas.

The areas of Marrs Township and Black Township are bordered by many miles of river bank from the Ohio and Wabash Rivers, not to mention the the numerous streams, ponds, and lakes.

Both departments started their respective teams with very little funding, and the members of the departments purchasing their own dive equipment. A used ambulance was purchased, and with little money and a large amount of teamwork, sweat, and time, it was made operational and put into service. It was an uphill struggle all the way.

Over the past 20 years, there have been many changes in the fire service. New recruits would join to fight fires, where as today, more than 75% of the runs made are medical and very few are for fire. Some years we have had more Water/Dive runs than structure fire runs.

One thing that has not grown with the Water/Dive Rescue Team was the ambulance that was used to transport our personnel and equipment to the scene. The ambulance had become a maintenance nightmare and was no longer capable of serving the needs of the Water/Dive Rescue Team and the community and was in need of replacement. A new Dive Rescue truck (9 Rescue 10) was designed in 2006, and was delivered in late July of 2007.

We have seen a rising interest in the Water Rescue Service from the new members that have joined and with the proper training have prepared them for the services they will be providing.

Over the 20 year time frame that the team has been in operation, we have seen a lot of progress and changes. We have made many great strides and have grown into one of the premiere Water/Dive Rescue Teams in the area. We have been called to assist in many parts of the Tri-State area, from Central Indiana, to Illinois and Kentucky. We have mutual aid agreements with Ohio Valley Search and Rescue and the surrounding departments. 

When called upon for assistance with a water incident or search, we are one of the first on the list to be called due to our professionalism, commitment, and pride we take when we put our team on or near the water.


Your Marrs Township Water Rescue Team In Action!!!

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