Our Mission Statement

"Saving Lives and Property through Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services"

Marrs Township Fire Department Line Officers

9A1 Andy Logan Chief First Responder/Dive Rescue Team 30 Years Of Service
9A2 Andy Harbison Assistant Chief First Responder/Dive Rescue Team 9 Years Of Service
9A3 Keith Damm Assistant Chief First Responder/Dive Rescue Team 21 Years Of Service
9A4 Larry Schenk District Chief First Responder 43 Years Of Service
9A5 Rick Williamson District Chief EMT 34 Years Of Service
9A6 Dale Wilzbacher District Chief EMT 38 Years Of Service
9A7 Jay Hile Captain EMT/Dive Rescue Team 15 Years Of Service
9A8 Brandon Woodley Captain EMT/Dive Rescue Team 7 Years Of Service
9A9 Matt Hulsey Captain First Responder/Dive Rescue Team 8 Years Of Service
9A10 Dan Jordan Captain EMT/Dive Rescue Team 5 Years Of Service
9A11 Floyd Hines Lieutenant EMT/Dive Rescue Team 8 Years Of Service
9A12 Robert Stuffle Lieutenant EMT/Dive Rescue Team 7 Years Of Service
9A13 David Simmons Lieutenant EMT 4 Years Of Service
9A14 Brandon Webber Lieutenant First Responder 2 Year Of Service


Marrs Township Fire Department Volunteers

9X15 Jacob Zoch Firefighter   2 Years Of Service
9X16 Tim Peterson Firefighter   New Member
9X17 Dawn Jordan   Dive Rescue Team 1 Year Of Service
9X18 Jeff Bassemeier Firefighter   11 Years Of Service
9X19 Alexander Jordan Firefighter EMT 4 Years Of Service
9X20 John Montgomery   Dive Rescue Team 19 Years Of Service
9X21 Tyler Sprinkel  Firefighter    New Member
9X22 Gayle Schmidt     New Member 
9X23 Bryan Schmitt    Dive Rescue Team  6 Years Of Service
9X24 Mark Hulsey Firefighter   Retired 
9X25 Katie Webber Firefighter  EMT 2 Years Of Service
9X26 Amy Woodley  EMS  EMT  3 Years Of Service
9X29 Rick Roos  Firefighter  EMT   
9X30 Kane Schmitt EMS EMT 1 Year Of Service
9X31 Lisa Hines       
9X33 Mathew Anderson     New Member
9X34 Steven Lupfer Firefighter EMT 5 Years Of Service
9X35 John Schmidt Firefighter   6 Years Of Service
9X38 Melanie Hulsey Firefighter First Responder  
9X40 Patrick Girten Firefighter  First Responder   
9X42 Justin Crowley Firefighter   5 Years Of Service
9X47 Joe Mayer Firefighter Investigator 3 Years Of Service
9X48 Payge Marx Firefighter EMT 2 Years Of Service
9X50 Bill Goff Member EMT 2 Years Of Service

Marrs Township Fire Department Staff

9A92 Patrick Fischer Firefighter   Many Years Of Service
9A94 Alex Smith Firefighter EMT  
9A95 Rick Roos  Firefighter EMT  
9A96 Matt Hulsey Firefighter    
9A97 Kane Schmitt Firefighter    
9A98 David Simmons Firefighter    
9A99 Dale Wilzbacher Firefighter EMT  

Retired Firefighters

Thank you for your years of service.


                                 Mark Hulsey


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