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The mission statement of the Marrs Township Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary is to support and be of assistance to the Marrs Township Volunteer Fire Department whenever possible.  The members of the Ladies Auxiliary will pursue their mission statement through activities supporting the fiscal, public service, and response support needs of the Marrs Township Volunteer Fire Department Firefighters.

Working toward this goal, the Ladies Auxiliary will provide service and assistance by being involved in activities such as, but not limited to, the following:


  • Respond to request for assistance during fires and other situations that require the Firemen to be on scene for an extended period of time
  • Initiate community service outreach programs

  • Provide fundraising efforts for Ladies Auxiliary and Marrs Township Volunteer Fire Department

  • Open and maintain communication with neighboring ladies auxiliary boards for partnering and learning purposes

  • Support fellow fire department members and/or families in times of need or crisis

  • Actively recruit new members for Ladies Auxiliary




Mon Sep 22 @ 9:30AM -
Fire Prevention
Tue Sep 23 @ 6:30PM -
Medical Training
Tue Sep 23 @ 6:30PM -
Dive Training